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Fear of Flying 3 tips to overcome fear of flying

Overcome Flying Fear! These 3 Tips Work Fast

I love to travel. There are many people like me who love traveling. Therefore I can travel in any kind of vehicle. Mostly I travel alone. However, nowadays my friend Alex wants to see new places with me. I’d love to get a partner. He also loves to travel but one part of travel is not fun to him. He says, ‘ I’m scared of flying what can i do ? ‘
That is fear of flying phobia which also known as aerophobia or aviophobia. So I’ve researched for him to overcome flying fear. After writing 3 tips to overcome fear of flying I’m supposed to give my friend Alex, I hope he’ll know how to overcome fear of flying quickly and be a more relaxed flyer.


Getting over his fear would be a great achievement for him as I know a lot of people who doesn’t feel comfortable in aero plane even though they are mid aged.


There are many travelers who find hassles. For instance, prize of tickets, airport delays, and, luggage lost. Among them flying is terrifying for many people like my friend Alex.


Did you know how many people have this aerophobia?

Around 34 % people in the world have this aerophobia.


Fear of height
Fear of height

Probable causes of fear of flying could be


  • Fear of height or claustrophobia,
  • Experiencing a injurious flight or plane crash,
  • It could come genetically. If your parents have fear of flying, you may have aerophobia too,
  • Scared about extremist hijackings,
  • Being alarmed about they’re not in control of the aircraft,

  • Travel delay and many more.


Now let’s know about physical or psychological symptoms of fear of flying


  • Sweating heavily
  • Gastrointestinal pain
  • Feeling confused
  • Heart quiver
  • Shaking
  • Bad temper
  • Flushed skin
  • Clouded mind


You know flying is one of choices. If you don’t want to fly on an aircraft no one can make you ride airplane eventually. But if you really want to decrease your fear, you can make it happen.

Regardless why you are suffering from fear of flying.

No matter what physical or psychological symptoms are- this is to say there are certain tips of fear of flying you can remember to eradicate your inner fear.


So I’m giving you 3 groundbreaking tips on how to get over fear of flying claustrophobia and you can overcome fear of flying which are capable to leave behind your fear of flying.


When you take the steps : 3 tips to overcome fear of flying


  1. Before the trip
  2. At the airport
  3. On the airplane



Now the steps you need to follow


Before the trip

What to look for and what not to look for


Many fearful flyers don’t know how an airplane works. Again they don’t have idea about the malfunction of an aircraft. So you need to know about these. For instance, some weird sound may disturb you. You have to understand how an aircraft work even if an engine fails can help you worry less about your aircraft malfunctioning. Therefore you must realize how planes stay in the sky, what brings out turbulence, and what’s behind those disturbing noises during takeoff and landing.


Introduce yourself with your aircraft


Many of passengers don’t know how their plane looks like. As a result they find irritation riding a plane. In spite of fear, many travelers find themselves alright as they introduce them by watching pictures or videos of that plane which will take them higher.


Get the best plane seat


You can avoid window seats. Many airlines and booking engines allow you to request a seat where you feel comfortable. My recommendation will be choose an aisle seat. As a result of taking aisle seat you’ll find the following benefits-


  • Less surrounded by people
  • Able to get up and move easily
  • Avoiding the window if sky-high scenery make you nervous


Avoid media coverage of plane crashes


Most of the planes arrive safely to any destination. But media covers only the plane crashes. So you have to put in mind that the percentage of safely landing is higher. Don’t let the fewer possibility of accident skew your happy journey.


Thinking positively


You know thinking is a great catalyst. If you think positive, everything will be as simple as you think. Therefore, think what will happen after reaching your destination and how fun is waiting for you.


At the airport

Reach early to airport


Most of the cases people reach at the eleventh hour and rush to the airport which increases anxiety. Before the schedule of flight, reach the airport and wait for the flight.

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), you should reach the airport two hours before your domestic flight.

The TSA says you should reach the airport three hours before your international flight.


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Wait in any airport lounge for your flight


Many airports have their own lounge where you can relax and prepare for your flight. The lounges are for club members or for elite class people. So you can purchase for one day only in $50.


The following four ways for you to score airport lounge access


You may buy airport lounge day pass.

Again you can invest for airport lounge membership.

You may use your credit card to access airport lounge.

Or, you can pay for a public airport lounge.


On the airplane

Meet the team


Before taking off you can meet the team of your aircraft. Firstly you can meet the pilot and the team. If it is not possible have a chat with flight attendant. Consequently you can able to feel this aircraft is not as fearful as you think.  The friendly circumstance assures you the team is dependable to safe landing.


Make sure your mobile is full of your favorite songs


Music is a great healer. Your favorite songs will give you a peaceful mind. So make sure your phone is full of your favorite songs. This is to say don’t bother yourself being too much free when you are flying.


Who is the decision maker?


You have decided to fly. So you can decide how to respond in any situation. In other words you have the guts to control yourself.



Breathing control is another way to be healed. Deep breathe taking can reduce your tension. So take a deep breath counting 5 or 10 reverse.


Read, listen or watch something funny


You can read comedy books. Therefore order a comedy book. Again pre-load some jokes to your mobile or some videos in your laptop. As result you will get relief from what is happening out or in there.


Going with the flow


Another way to reduce fear of flying is going with the flow. So you can turn on the air vent which is above your head. The flow of air will definitely help you to feel less claustrophobic.


Avoiding caffeine and other stimulants


Caffeine and other stimulants can make you more afraid. So avoid caffeine and other stimulants.




Always keep in your mind that alcohol should be mixed with anti-anxiety medication. Alcohol can add dehydration in the arid environment of a plane. If you drink a cocktail, don’t drink it raw. Rather drink it with plenty of water.


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Other solutions if it is really got serious


  • If flying fear gets serious to you, after consulting with your doctor take a sleeping pill before flying.
  • You can also go online to mend the problem. There are many websites with professional therapists who can give you tips free or with little cost so that you can get rid of fear of flying.
  • A licensed therapist of counselor can help you to reduce fear of flying.


Such ways take fear of flying treatment.


I hope my friend Alex will get relief get to know how to overcome fear of flying turbulence, fear of flying classes, the methods of fear of flying medication and get rid of flying fear. These 3 tips to overcome fear of flying will work for him. 


Now it’s your turn


However, this is it.


I wished you enjoyed my 3 tips to overcome fear of flying.

Now I want to listen from you. Let me know by leaving a quick comment on what tip is really amazing for you.